Kings Cross Squared

A co-innovate collaboration with Brunel University

Graphic Design          Brand Design
The newly-founded startup company 'KX2', needed an online presence to show their establishment as a foodbank and support organization. 
In order to establish KX2 as an official food bank and support platform, I created the full brand identity.
The aim was to make the brand stand out from the competitors. 
I worked amongst a team of 5, whereby the brand design had to correlate with the app design, website design and marketing.
Main tools used:
Colour Philosophy.
Colour Scheme
These are 3D renders of the KX2 brand identity on typical signs. These were modelled and textured in Autodesk Maya.
3D mockup of a sidewalk sign
3D mockup of a sidewalk sign
3D mockup of a bus stop sign
3D mockup of a bus stop sign
​​​​​​​Business card mockup
Logo Motion Graphic.
A simple motion graphic created on After Effects of the KX2 logo and slogan. A fun and interactive way to showcase the brand elements.
Since KX2 required an app/website concept, I created the UI icons necessary for the app and website developers. These were placed in the brand guideline.
What we achieved
Best business impact award for KX2.

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