The human behind the scenes...
My aim:
To stand out and create a lasting impression.
​​​​​​​Hello! I am Riky, and welcome to my mind. I am a BSc Digital Design graduate from Brunel University. The work presented in this portfolio represent my best projects and are a testimony to my creativity. I have a strong interest in UX/UI, graphic and brand design. As a UX/UI designer, I enjoy the puzzle making side of design, by coming up with creative solutions to extra-ordinary problems. 

I am pursuing the route of design due to the shear innovation, collaboration and battle to better myself. These qualities heavily reflect my personality, as I am constantly trying to evolve my skills in both design and non-design related situations. On top of this, I love communicating. Communication for me is a very vital tool for learning but also collaborating with your team or selling your service. We could be talking about the most random thing on earth, or have a conversation about an idea for a project - either way I am there for it!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
For 9 months, I had the wonderful opportunity of working as a UX Design intern at Bentley Motors Crewe. Not only did I learn design skills, but I also learnt collaboration skills between the immediate and extended team across Bentley. I immediately jumped into the deep end by moving out to the area, where I made a ton of friends! Bentley presented me with the ins and outs of what UX Design is like from an office level, to a factory level. At Bentley, innovation is the pioneering command which drives the whole corporation forward. It is this command that I have taken outside of Bentley and into my life and work ethic, on a day to day basis. 
New Designers Exhibition, London
Technical Skills
Aside from design
One of my biggest passions outside of design is photography - specifically automotive. I am a big automotive enthusiast, regularly travelling to car conventions to explore the creativity that people pour into their vehicles. 

I also create unique digital illustrations, exploring different styles and ideas. I usually enjoy creating single/album covers for music artists whereby artists usually give an open brief. This is the most interesting for me, as usually music artists require a unique and personal touch. I also enjoy logo designing, using minimalism as the leading rule for my designs. These can be viewed on my Instagram page: @creativitybyriky.
“You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.” - George Lucas
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